Learning Management System

SINAM offers one of the world’s leading Learning Management Systems – IMC CLIX. Any educational activity can be realized within the learning management system. Number of users doesn't matter - it may be 500, 5000 or 500000. We propose solutions for learning process meeting all consumer requirements, such as CLIX Enterprise for establishments, CLIX Campus for universities and schools, by means of the initial level solution - CLIX Start.

Following elements are organized by means of CLIX:

  • Management of educational establishments;
  • Learning Content Management;
  • Learning Process Management;
  • Testing and Assessment;
  • Virtual Classrooms;
  • Mobile Learning during travel and business trips.

CLIX has 2.5 million users all over the world as one of the leading systems. Clear interface, controllability, scale and integration ability are strong reasons for using CLIX. CLIX is supported in 24\7 mode and it is regularly updated.

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